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Techion’s core product, FECPAKG2 is a unique platform that enables remote or laboratory-based, online parasite diagnostics in humans and a wide range of animals. The system is a global leader in several sectors where the platform can automate the FEC process, utilize remotely located technicians (via internet access), and lower processing costs.

FECPAKG2 eliminates the need to move biological samples from the farm/field. The core technology holds a strong IP position with several patents granted (others under examination). Techion also explores automated digital image analysis options to eliminate the need for egg counts to be manually performed on-screen by a technician. Thus, although Techion’s products are already the industry leaders in their field (and have been for some time), the new FECPAKG2 suite of products will further enhance the company’s competitive position.

Role in the project

The Techion Group Ltd provides both the FECPAKG2 equipment and the technical support required for the different research activities outlined in work package 1.

Team members

Back row, FLTR: Martin McKie, Greg Mirams, Duncan McGregor, Shea Waenga, Eleanor Tosh. Front row, FLTR: Helen Manly, Sharlene Fairbairn, Lisa Growden, Paula Angus, Sophie Gibson-Pinn


Main publications linked to the project

  • Hoekendijk DJL et al., 2016. Rationale for improved point-of-care monitoring of soil-transmitted helminthiasis. Am J Trop Med Hyg 95:502–504.
  • Sowerby SJ et al., 2015. Smartphone microscopy of parasite eggs accumulated into a single field of view. Am J Trop Med Hyg 94:227-230.
  • Cooke IR et al., 2015. Analysis of menisci formed on cones for single field of view parasite egg microscopy. J Microsc 257: 133-141.
  • White LV et al., 2013. Quantitative particle microscopy in self-metered fluids. J Microsc 250:159-169.
  • Sowerby SJ et al., 2011. An axisymmetric meniscus converges particles for microscopy. J Microsc 244:230-234.


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