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For more than 20 years, Treatment and Reuse Group at the National Autonomous University of Mexico has conducted research aimed at solving environmental problems involving drinking water, wastewater, integral water management, sludge management, climate change, emerging pollutants, and microbiology. For example, the research group has worked on helminth eggs control in wastewater and sludge, by improving the techniques for their identification and quantification in wastewater, excreta, and sludge. For the latter, it developed software based on image processing techniques that identified and quantified helminth eggs in environmental samples (Helminth Egg Automatic Detector, HEAD).

Role in the project

The Treatment and Reuse Group adapts its HEAD software allowing to identify and quantify eggs on the images produced by FECPAKG2.

Team members

From left to right; Gustavo Velasquez, José A. Barrios and Catalina Maya. Not present at the picture: Blanca Jimenez.

Main publications linked to the project

  • Jimenez B et al., 2016. Identification and quantification of pathogenic helminth eggs using a digital image system. Exp Parasitol 166:164 -172.

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José A Barrios

National Autonomous University of Mexico

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