Starworms Collection out now!

The Starworms team is very proud to announce that Today, Friday the 2nd of August, a special collection of Starworms is being published on the website of Plos Neglected Tropical Diseases.

The release of this collection coincides with the publication of two nice manuscripts describing the results of the work performed during Work Package 1 of the Starworms Project. The first manuscript focuses on the therapeutic efficacy of Albendazole as measured by single and duplicate Kato-Katz, Mini-FLOTAC, FECPAKG2 and qPCR. The second manuscript evaluates the diagnostic efficacy of these 5 different diagnostics.

Two earlier published manuscripts on the Starworms Work Package 1 protocol and the FECPAKG2 method are also included in the collection at this time.

We are looking forward to expand this collection very soon with a number of additional manuscript of importance to the STH community.

Happy reading!

The Starworms Team.

Bruno, Piet and Johnny


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