Mini-FLOTAC Protocol published in Nature Protocols

Our Italian partners from the Universitiy of Naples, (Cringoli G. et al.) have recently published a protocol extension on the earlier published FLOTAC protocol (Nat. Protoc. 5, 503–515 (2010)). 

This new protocol describes both the Mini-FLOTAC apparatus as well as how to use of the Fill-FLOTAC should be used,  a closed system that  facilitates the performance of the first four consecutive steps of the Mini-FLOTAC technique: fecal sample collection and weighing, homogenization, filtration, and filling of the Mini-FLOTAC chambers. Using the prescribed protocol, a single sample prep is estimated to take approximately 12 minutes, which is a considerable improvement over the earlier developed FLOTAC.

During the Starworms trials, the number of STH eggs in human stool is also quantified using the Mini-FLOTAC. We have considerable experience with the technique and agree with the authors that this a highly sensitive coprological technique that can be easily performed in the setting of a field based lab after some basic training of the staff.

Here you can find the  Mini-Flotac protocol

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