First batch of stool samples are ready for DNA extraction and qPCR analysis.

All the collected stool samples form the Starworms field sites (i.e. Pemba (Tanzania), Jimma (Ethiopia) and Nambak (LaoPDR)) have safely arrived at our laboratory in Ghent. The samples were subsequently checked for integrity, sorted and a subset of the samples was selected for further processing. They were then delivered to the lab of one of our partners in The Netherlands, Dr. Jaco Verweij. There, all samples will undergo DNA extraction procedures and qPCR will be performed on the obtained DNA for the detection of Soil-Transmitted Helminths. We are looking forward to the obtained results and to seeing how qPCR data compares to microscopy.

Top view of the first batch of samples selected for DNA extraction and qPCR analysis for STH.

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