2017 coverage levels for STH are promising

The 2017 treatment coverage levels for soil-transmitted helminths and Schistosoma have recently been published. Find the original report Here.

In the year 2017, globally, 72.7% of the 3452 implementation units reached an effective coverage of >75%, reaching a total global coverage of 69%. For Pre-School Aged Children, a global coverage of 69% was reached. For School Aged Children, global levels of coverage were 68.8%. The presented numbers show a significant improvement in coverage, in line with the NTD road map targets for 2020.

However, it is of note that  the current NTD road map does not target adults at risk for Schistosoma or women of childbearing age for STH. As a result, PC coverage rates for those groups are very low because the drugs are not donated. This is a challenge that should be addressed in the future.

Lets keep up the good work!

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