Lao PDR field team finished evaluating Albendazole efficacy in 456 children

In September, the first subject of the drug efficacy trial for WorkPackage 1 of the Starworms study were enrolled. Now, about 8 weeks later, the team has reached the project goals and evaluated the single dose Albendazole 400 mg against STH infections in 456 local school aged children. The stool samples at baseline and follow-up (2-3weeks post treatment) were investigated by Kato-Katz, Mini-Flotac and FeckPakG2. Stool samples were also collected from all individuals in order to extract parasite DNA from eggs to look for resistance associated mutations at a later stage.

The microscopists scanning Kato-Katz slides and Mini-FLOTAC devices for the presence of STH eggs.

All stool samples are stored in preservative for future parasite DNA extraction.

Currently the team is performing the double data entry of all raw data materials . Final datasets will be available soon for analysis.


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