Field trial in Lao PDR gets off to a good start

Starworms Field Trial under way in Lao PDR.

This September, a field team was put together to perform the the first stage of the Starworms Project. The team was comprised of people from NIOPH and members from the local, Nam Bak Hospital and was supervised by Dr. Somphou Sayasone. Before start of the trial, all members were getting acquainted with the study protocol and trained on different parasitological techniques (Kato-Katz, Mini-FLOTAC and FECPAKG2). After the training, team members were ready and eager to get their hands dirty. First children were enrolled on the 23rd of September. The trial is expected to be concluded by the end of november.

The Lao field team gets aquainted with the trial protocols and documents.

The Lao field team, ready to get the show on the road.

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